Thanks to our proprietary HW and SW electronic solutions based on wireless protocols such as Wi-Fi 2.4GHz, P.G.A. allows you to connect your hood with other household appliances in your home environment equipped with wireless-communication interfaces.

The management of the entire domestic environment, made up of interconnected appliances, is implemented through a single dedicated app on the platform of your choice (Android, iOS, Windows) whose development, upon request, is followed step by step by P.G.A.

Thanks to the proprietary IoT P.G.A. infrastructure and dedicated sensors installed on the hood, you can collect in a cloud/web server (PGA Cloud) data on temperature, humidity and other air-quality indicators, which are processed using a proprietary algorithm and correlated with each other, determining the execution of automatic actions such as the restoration of optimal conditions for domestic purification and/or sending alarms.

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