• Design of electronic power circuits, platform with power relay, management of the triac platform, pwm platform, igbt/mos-fet platform for three-phase brushless motors.
  • Design of optical, capacitive and tactile UIs.
  • Sensor design for the automatic control of the functions of the extractor hoods, quality and air temperature controls.
  • Software design for control systems for electric motors, lights, measuring instruments and data acquisition systems.
  • Design of H2M and M2M interfaces using wireless-communication protocols.


  • Production of High Volume Low Mix (HVLM) and Low Volume High Mix (LVHM) cards.
  • Assembly of through-hole technology (THT) components with automatic or manual machines.
  • THT components wave soldering THT components.
  • SMD components assembly with automatic machines.
  • SMD components welding with re-melting furnaces.
  • Mechanical assembly of cards on dedicated control boxes and containers.


  • Provision of prototypes and complete documentation.
  • Support for product approval with third-party organisations.


  • Welding control with optical-inspection machines.
  • 100% electrical tests.
  • 100% safety test

Finished products

PG.A. gives the customer the possibility of choosing from finished products, ready to be introduced on the market because, thanks to its experience, reliability and flexibility, the company is able to offer ‘ready-to-use’ solutions or to design a customised product, based on the customer’s specific needs.


P.G.A. guarantees all technical assistance services essential to offer efficiency and reliability, ensuring the return of products in the shortest possible time.

Furthermore, the following services are offered:

Electronic Board Rework and Update
P.G.A. can take care of reworking or updating electronic boards that have not yet been introduced to the market. This can be necessary in the case of hardware or firmware upgrades or if the product requires improvement.
P.G.A. performs rework to customer specifications, repairing or updating the hardware or firmware, both under warranty and extra-warranty.

Repairs and management ofEnd of Lifeproducts
In the unfortunate event of a product malfunction while being used by the end user, P.G.A. provides repair services both under warranty and out of warranty.
We can manage return logistics, fault analysis, inventory, repair and return. We are able to offer this type of service also for special-order items, as well as for items that are out of production.


Production needs are supported by an enhanced and automated warehouse, which guarantees fast deliveries and concludes the cycle in an efficient and safe manner.
P.G.A. constantly handles the business relationship with national and international suppliers, continually monitoring the adequacy of prices and the quality of the products, which are checked as soon as they are accepted.
In order to avoid damage during transport, products are carefully packaged.