H2M & M2M


Thanks to its long experience in the development of radio-frequency devices, P.G.A. is able to design and produce radio controls based on the following technologies:

  • SubGiga in ISM band
  • Infrared
  • BTLE (Bluethooth Low Energy)

Typical applications are in all those sectors where a remote control is required without direct human–machine interaction, such as appliances, sliding gate openers, lifting devices, automatic blinds, shutters and sectional doors.

P.G.A. is market leader in the field of M2M electronic solutions in the kitchen-hood sector, the ‘wireless’ connection of a cooking hob (electric, glass-ceramic, induction) to an extractor hood and also its synergic operation based on the absorption of power detected on the hood itself.
These types of solutions can be implemented using wireless-communication protocols such as:

  • BTLE (Bluethooth Low Energy)
  • WiFi
  • Zigbee
  • Thread
  • Infrared